About Us

For fashion and beauty “imagineer” Azure G. Brown, bringing to life amazing products that empower women is a labor of love. She is the founder of Eastside Doll Cosmetics and the Azurean Reign hat line—two brands that infuse fun, artistry and runway drama into every item. An accomplished local government professional by day and entrepreneur by night, Azure is laser-focused on breathing life into her creative visions. She has always been interested in fashion’s power to transform people and believes it can speak volumes about who we are and strive to be.  Azure fondly recalls her mother’s term for makeup--“putting on her warpaint”—and only now fully understands the significance of this phrase. Brown hopes that both her cosmetics and accessories encourage people to be who they want to be, regardless of where they’ve been or what they’ve experienced.


While starting her own companies, she has worked as a Certified Records Manager for over a decade. She holds a master’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from Texas State University in San Marcos. And she is a Certified Records Manager with the Institute of Certified Records Managers. She takes much pride in starting her makeup and a hat line. Moving forward wasn’t always easy, but Brown always knew that fashion and beauty where part of her purpose. And so, regardless of what others thought she could or should be doing with her life, she took a leap of faith and pushed forward—a huge testament to her hard work, perseverance and love for the industry. She recommends anyone with a passion go for it—a message that’s at the core of her brands’ identities. Brown says she will never forget the incredible feeling of making her first sale. And since then, things have only gotten more fulfilling. Today, she is thrilled that her work allows her to meet women from all backgrounds and make them feel great with products that she puts her heart into.


Azure was born and raised in East Austin by an artist mom and a preacher father. Encouraged to believe in faith and let ideas flow, she would draw for hours as a child, coming up with her own clothing lines.  It’s time she recalls fondly. And through both Eastside Doll Cosmetics and Azurean Reign, Azure has recaptured the confidence and freedom she felt then to trust the creative process and make things happen.